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The District of Columbia's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment ( EPSDT ) benefit, known as HealthCheck, provides preventive primary health care for all Medicaid-eligible youth living in the District of Columbia.

HealthCheck is specifically designed to meet the health care needs of the District's urban, ethnically diverse youth. The timing and frequency (periodicity) of these preventive health services is provided at key developmental ages, based on the needs of District youth.

The training resources on this website are intended to furnish health care providers with the tools to deliver the highest quality care to children and families, and to properly document their efforts along the way to ensure accuracy in state health statistics and continuity of federal funding.

The HealthCheck Training & Resource Center addresses mental health in several ways:

  • With a HealthCheck training, designed to ensure optimal growth and development in all children and teens; provide all required HealthCheck¬†services at each preventive health visit; and record and document all services provided. This training fulfills obligations required to be a Medicaid provider.
  • With a Fluoride Varnish training, desined to teach about the benefits, appropriate safety precautions, and dosing for fluoride, as well as how to apply fluoride varnish and provide adequate follow-up care. It is based on the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Group on Oral Health's Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum. This training fulfills obligations required to apply and bill for fluoride varnish application.

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