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Training on Fluoride Varnish (see below) and Outreach Toolkit for Providers

The DC Pediatric Oral Health Coalition (DCPOHC) is pleased to announce that starting September 2014, technical assistance will be available for EPSDT primary care providers and their staffs to implement fluoride varnish application into their medical practices. Read More...

Dental caries is the most frequently found health problem in children; it is also one of the most preventable. PCPs are required to refer children with caries to a dental provider. Prevention, early detection, and prompt referral for treatment of caries and other oral health problems is essential.

Dental services are broadly defined to include preventive services, emergency services, and therapeutic services for dental disease which, if left untreated, may cause irreversible damage to the teeth or supporting structures. At a minimum, dental services must include relief of pain and infection, restoration of teeth, and maintenance of dental health. These services may not be limited to emergency room services.

The HealthCheck Training & Resource Center addresses oral/dental health in several ways:

  • With a training on Fluoride Varnish (based on the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center's curricula: Maryland's Mouths Matter: Fluoride Varnish and Oral Health Screening Program for Kids—Training for EPSDT Medical Providers in Maryland and Smiles for Ohio—Fluoride Varnish: Training for Primary Medical Care Providers Serving Children Enrolled in Medicaid)

NOTE: You must compete the HealthCheck training BEFORE you can take the Fluoride Varnish training.

  • With easy access to CME opportunities from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Group on Oral Health's Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum (providers, see Modules 2 and 6).
  • With a secreening service and assessment component of the health supervision section of HealthCheck visits
  • With an introcuctory module on oral/dental health that addresses:
    • The dental home
    • Periodicity and guidlines for dental inspection/evaluation
    • The dental history/evaluation
    • Guidelines/referrals
    • Dental services covered
    • Office practices

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