Vaccination Information: Pediatric Community Facilities and Immunization Policy

doctor giving an immunizationThis page contains resources from DC Health and OSSE on access points for Immunizations across DC:

  • Immunization Portal on the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). This webpage provides information for schools (DC laws, regulations, and policies); information for families (FAQs, outreach materials, and factsheets); and additional information (contact information and COVID-19 resources).

  • Pediatric Immunization Locations. This document contains locations by map and by ward, along with phone numbers and hours of operation. Note: on the last page of the Pediatric Community Facilities document, there is a listing of SBHCs and the times they are open for immunization appointments now as well as information on CVS Minute Clinics.

  • Appointment Information for School-Based Health Centers. This document contains phone numbers to schedule an appointment for SBHCs across DC.

  • The Immunization Policy for In-Person Attendence explains that the 20 day period for immunization compliance does start during the distance learning period, but note that students wouldn’t face the “consequences” of not being able to attend in-person classes until after those in-person classes begin--currently slated for November. The Immunization Policy explains that within the first 20 days of school, all students must be up-to-date on all required immunizations (DC Official Code § 38–505)If a student has not received their immunizations and 20 school days have passed, they will not be allowed to return for in-person instruction or activities until they have received all required immunizations and submitted paperwork, or an approved medical or religious exemption, to the school. Students may continue to attend school through distance learning while securing their immunizations, but the Policy explains that they should make plans now to ensure students are up-to-date before in-person instruction resumes.

For More Information

For more information on these policies (including the messages that schools will be sharing with students’ families), please look at these OSSE links: