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This section of the Web site advances the Department of Health Care Finance's belief that every child deserves to be healthy, and that optimal health involves a trusting relationship between the provider, the child, the family, and the community. The resources are intended for use in a variety of pediatric health care settings and are offered to help ensure that all children and families receive a high standard of care.

For a more thorough search of resources, this section of the Web site has a navigation bar (at left) with resources organized by broad topic: News, DC HealthCheck resources, general pediatric resources, Medicaid/EPSDT resources, and family resources.

This navigation bar appears on every page withing the resources section of the Web site, so from any of the resource pages in this section, you can click to jump directly to any of the other resource areas without having to return to this Resource Section home page.

NEW! Check out the DC Children's Health, Wellness, and Education Calendar: The Health and Well-Being Subcommittee of the State Early Childhood Development Coordinating Council has developed this online calendar of events that includes health/wellness/educational items



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