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History of Behavioral Health Services in the District of Columbia. The Introduction to the DC Community of Practice videos provide context for the District of Columbia's (DC) history of behavioral health services for children and youth in public and public charter schools over the past 20 years, DC's current Comprehensive Expansion in School Behavioral Health, and the role of the DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice to support the Expansion in schools across the city.

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DC's Comprehensive School-Based Behavioral Health Expansion. In 2019, the District of Columbia (DC) launched the Comprehensive School-Based Behavioral Health Expansion in the city's public and public charter schools. Watch this video to learn how the Expansion came to be and how it is helping DC's school-aged children and their caregivers.

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Current CBO and DBH Clinicians (this list is updated monthly; click here to access the most current list)

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