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The HealthCheck Provider Education System

  • A Pediatric Preventive Care/EPSDT Curriculum
  • Supporting EPSDT and Child Health Resources
  • HealthCheck Program Information

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I. Overview

The EPSDT benefit

  • Required services

HealthCheck Program: Goals and Requirements

  • HealthCheck Goals
  • Health Care Tailored for DC Youth
  • Online Training to Enhance Preventive Care

HealthCheck Program Summaries

Eligible Participants and Providers

  • Eligible Children and Teens
  • Eligible Providers
  • Choosing Providers
  • Mental Health Services Responsibilities

Recipient Support Services

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Case Management (Care Coordination)
  • Transportation and Scheduling Assistance
  • Eligibility Support: Helpline
  • Enrollment Broker
  • Program to Reimburse for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Coordination and Outreach

  • Program Coordination and Outreach
  • The Role of the DC Department of Health Care Finance
  • The Role of the Income Maintenance Administration (IMA)
  • The Role of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • The Role of the Provider

II. Health Supervision


  • Content of Care
  • HealthCheck Periodicity
  • Documenting Health Supervision

HealthCheck Screens and Time Frames

  • Interperiodic Screens
  • Partial Screens

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Referral Requirements

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Services
  • Referrals

Health and Developmental History


  • Contents of the Health and Developmental History
  • Documenting Health and Developmental History

Initial Health and Developmental History

  • Contact Information
  • Medical History
  • Family and Social History
  • Behavioral and Developmental History

Interval Health and Developmental History

  • Adolescent Health and Developmental History

Specific Visits: Questions for the Health History

  • 0 - 11 Months
  • 1 - 4 Years
  • 5 - 10 Years
  • 11 - 20 Years

Physical Examination


  • Documenting the Physical Examination

Comprehensive Unclothed Physical Examination

Assessment of Physical Growth

  • Body Measurements
  • Head Circumference
  • Height (or Length)
  • Weight
  • Recording Height and Weight Measurements

Specific Visits

  • 0 - 11 Months
  • 1 - 4 Years
  • 5 - 10 Years
  • 11 - 20 Years

Screening Services and Assessments


  • Documenting Health Screenings

Nutritional Assessment and Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Early Identification and Prompt Referral

Vision Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Vision Screening
  • Screening Methods
  • Early Detection and Prompt Referral

Speech and Language Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Objective Screening
    • Referrals
    • Hearing Concerns
  • Subjective Screening Questions
    • Comprehension
    • Expressive Language
    • Speech Development
    • Social Language

Hearing Screening

  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Hearing Screening
  • Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss
  • Screening Methods

Developmental and Behavioral Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Developmental Health Assessment
  • Referrals For Developmental Services
    • Testing
  • Referrals for Further Developmental Testing and Treatment
    • Cultural Competency in Testing
  • Behavioral Health Assessment
  • Referrals For Behavioral or Mental Health Services
    • Emergency Referral to a Psychiatrist
    • Non-emergency Referral to a Psychiatrist
    • Referral to a Psychologist
    • Referral to a Psychiatric Social Worker
    • Acute Psychiatric Hospitalization
    • Residential Treatment

Laboratory Tests


  • Documenting Laboratory Tests

Metabolic and Hemoglobinopathy Screening

Sickle Cell Screening

Lead Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Verbal Risk Assessment

Iron-Deficiency Anemia Screening

  • Risk Assessment
  • Periodicity and Guidelines

Cholesterol Screening

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Factors
  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Screening Methods
  • Evaluation and Management

Tuberculosis Screening

  • Periodicity and Guidelines
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Indicators

Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Pregnancy Screening



  • Documenting Immunization Status

Immunization Schedule

  • Adolescent Immunizations

Vaccines for Children Program


Vaccine Precautions and Exceptions

Health Education and Anticipatory Guidance


  • The Value of Anticipatory Guidance
  • Anticipatory Guidance Topics
  • Documenting Health Education and Anticipatory Guidance

Working with Families

Working with Teens

  • Pregnancy Prevention Education
  • HIV Prevention Education

Specific Visits


III. Special Health Issues


Dental Health

  • Periodicity and Guidelines for Dental Inspection/Evaluation
  • Documenting Dental Health
  • Dental Education
  • Referrals
  • Dental Services
    • Preventative Services
    • Emergency Services
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Orthodontic Services

Guidelines for HIV-Seropositive Infants, Children and Adolescents

Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Professional Reporting Responsibilities
  • Who Must Make a Report
  • Penalty for Not Reporting
  • Recognizing Abuse
  • Recognizing Neglect
  • How to Make a Report
  • Information to be Included in a Report

IV. Documentation

General Guidelines for Documenting the Visit

The Medical Record

  • A "Medical Home"
  • What the child's provider should document
  • What the Medical Record should document
  • Documenting each visit
  • Documentation tips of each health supervision module

HealthCheck Reporting

  • What the MCOs Report to DHCF
  • What DHCF Reports to the Federal Government
  • The Role of the Primary Care Physician in the Reporting Process

Billing Procedures

  • DC MMIS Provider Billing Manual
  • Types of Reimbursement
  • Member and Billing Issues
    • Exceptions to Payment Provisions
    • Patient’s Inability To Pay
    • Charging Member for Administrative Services


A - Z Index

DC Contacts - Information Relevant to HealthCheck Providers






HealthCheck Resources

  • DC Medicaid HealthCheck Periodicity Schedule

Bright Futures Resources

  • About Bright Futures at Georgetown University
  • Bright Future's Children's Health Charter
  • Bright Futures Guidelines
  • Bright Futures Pocket Guide
  • Bright Futures Publications
  • Bright Futures Training Tools

Important Electronic Resources

  • ACIP Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule
  • CDC Growth Charts
  • Sexual Maturity Ratings (SMRs)/Tanner Stages
  • Tooth Eruption Chart

National Resources

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Medicaid and EPSDT
  • Knowledge Path on EPSDT Services
  • Bibliography on EPSDT Services
  • MCH Alert Articles related to EPSDT Services
  • National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

District of Columbia Resources

  • DC Contacts
  • Resource Directory
  • District of Columbia Health Access Survey, 2003
  • Metropolitan Washington Public Health Assessment Center


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