National Medicaid/ EPSDT Resources


Resources to Improve Medicaid for Children and Adolescents, CMS with National Adademy for State Health Policy. This webpage features information about states’ EPSDT implementation across dimensions such as care coordination, behavioral health, data collection and reporting, oral health, medical necessity and improving access to care.  

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) State Agency Responsibilities: Includes the Form CMS-416 Annual EPSDT Report and Instructions as well as National Data from CMS-416 (See links half-way down page)

Title V Information System (TVIS)

Contains data from annual Title V Block Grant applications and reports. To identify EPSDT -related services provided by states, conduct several searches.

  • Search Program Data: State Priority Needs Keyword Search. Select keywords such as Health Screening, Immunization, and Oral Health from the list (each term must be searched separately).
  • Search Program Data: Screening and Treatment Information for Infants, Women, and Children and Program Data: Standard Screening Tests Performed by States.
  • Search State "Negotiated" Performance and Outcome Measures: Search By Keyword / Population / Race and select keywords such as those used above (e.g., Health Screening).